CSM / Hypalon rubber sheeting

SBR Rubber Sheet

CSM / Hypalon rubber sheeting (also known as chlorosulphonated polyethylene or by the former brand name Hypalon®) is renowned for its excellent resistance to adverse atmospheric conditions and its waterproofing and acid-proofing and alkaline-proofing capacities.

CSM / Hypalon rubber sheeting is mainly used in the construction and electrical industries for its impermeability capacities, but it is also frequently used for seals and equipment protection for the chemical and automotive industries.


Excellent resistance to oxidation and has outstanding resistance to atmospheric conditions and in particular strong sunlight and ozone.
Temperature Range: -35º C to +140º C.
CSM compounds resist fire and are self extinguishing.
Resistance to chemicals; resistant to most inorganic chemical products, good resistance to general acids, oils and greases.

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