fire resistant natural rubber sheet

fire resistant natural rubber sheet has high wear resistance, but also has the characteristics of delaying fire, self-extinguishing.Flame retardant grade reaches the highest V-0. Many rubber materials can be specially compounded to be fire-resistant. Silicone, EPDM, Neoprene, Natural Rubber & Nitrile can all be compounded with special F.R. (fire retardant) additives to make them fire-resistant.

JINGDONG RUBBER’s Flame Resistant materials are generally available in Rolls to suit the manufacture of gaskets, seals and strips.  We also provide uncured compound for the manufacture of moulding and extrusions to customer requirements. The risk of development and spread of fire in any environment is to be avoided but this is particularly critical in Transport, Mining, Petrochemical and Construction where the risk to human life and impact on the environment can be significantly higher.