Kitchen Mat

Kitchen mat is slip-resistant and easy to clean.This rubber mat is widely used in kitchen,bars,factory,industrial areas,graziery.



Slip-resistant,anti-fatigue,waterproof,crush-resistant,cushioned and anti-grease surface enhance productivity.

Non-backing construction which allows waste and liquid to pass through surface is easy to clean.

Slip-resistant surface prevent accident

The holes in this perforated rubber mat provide excellent drainage allowing liquid and debris to pass through while still ensuring the safety or anti-slip flooring.The rubber material in this non-slip floor mat relieves the heels and ankles of built-up pressure,making your feet feel nice and relaxed.

This is the perfect mat to keep workers comfortable and productive.


Kitchen,bars,factory,industrial areas,graziery.

Dimensions and Technical Specification

Size:610x1524x12.7mm(Custom sizes available upon request.)

Color:Black,red,green and so on.