Silicone Rubber Sheet

Features & Characteristics:

  • Commercial Silicone Rubber Sheet

Bright colors, smooth surface, high transparency, excellent resistance to high and low temperature, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, high strength, tear resistance, aging resistance, excellent insulation, flame retardancy, etc.

  • Gas Phase Silicone Rubber Sheet

The physical properties of Gas Phase silicone are obviously superior to Commercial silicone. For example, the surface gloss, transparency, tensile strength, elongation, tear stength.

  • FDA Grade Silicone Rubber Sheet

Odorless, reached the standards of the United States FDA and Germany’s LFGB level.

  • Metal Detectable Silicone Rubber Sheet

Metal detectable silicone rubber sheet is widely used in foreign countries. The color used in general is blue. The hardness is 60A.

  • Flame-resistant Silicone Rubber Sheet

The color of Flame-resistant rubbet sheet is generally grey or black. The density is 1.5 g/cm3. Flame retardant grade can reach FV0 level.

  • Cloth Inserted Silicone Rubber Sheet

Cloth inserted silicone rubber sheet, in the middle of two layers of silicone rubber sheet with a layer or two layers of glass fiber cloth, suitable for the industry requiring higher strength of silicone rubber sheet, cloth sinserted silicone rubber sheet can be as thin as 1.5 mm, the thickness of 10 mm.

  • Low Pressure Change Silicone Rubber Sheet

ZZ-R-765E low pressure change is a product standard in the United States, the product is characterized by lower compression deformation, such as the ordinary product pressure is 40%, this product can do 20% of the subvariant, but it should be noted that the tear strength of the product will become worse.

  • FVMQ Rubber Sheet

FVMQ(Fluorosilicone) rubber has the characteristics of both fluorine rubber and silicone rubber, and has good high and low temperature resistance and very good oil resistance.FVMQ rubber sheet is widely used in high and low temperature resistant, oil resistant mechanical seals.

  • Vacuum Laminating Machine Silicone Rubber Sheet

The tensile strength of the vacuum laminating machine silicone rubber sheet can reach 10.5Mpa,and the elongation is 750%.It is widely used in the woodworking industry.


White, Transparent, Red, etc. Colors and models can be customized according to customers’ demand.


Electronic industry, electrical industry, automotive industry, photovoltaic industry, power industry, energy industry, laminating machine, glass industry, food industry, aviation industry, and many other different areas have the use of silicone products.