The difference between industrial rubber and natural rubber

One, the source of industrial rubber and natural rubber
1. Natural rubber
Natural rubber is obtained from the latex of rubber trees, mainly distributed in tropical regions. Collecting natural rubber requires cutting the bark of the rubber tree and collecting the exudate, then processing and manufacturing the products.
2. Industrial rubber
Industrial rubber is a material made by chemical synthesis or modification. It can be synthetic rubber or modified natural rubber. Industrial rubber has greater shape stability and better mechanical properties, and can be manufactured according to specific requirements.

Two, the properties of industrial rubber and natural rubber
1. Natural rubber
Natural rubber has excellent elasticity, superior tear resistance, good wear resistance, and high chemical resistance. It also has good flexibility at low temperatures.
2. Industrial rubber
The properties of industrial rubber are different from those of natural rubber, which often have higher hardness, more stable chemical properties, and unique processing properties. Depending on the material composition, industrial rubber can also be divided into butyl rubber, propylene rubber, and silicone rubber, etc.

industrial rubber sheet

Three, the processing methods of industrial rubber and natural rubber
1. Natural rubber
Natural rubber is usually processed into products by methods such as extrusion, compression molding, and injection molding. This rubber often requires the use of release agents to prevent adhesion and sticking.
2. Industrial rubber Industrial rubber can be processed by vulcanization, compression molding, extrusion, and injection, among other processing methods. The processing method used for industrial rubber depends on its composition and physical and chemical properties.

Four. Applications of Industrial Rubber and Natural Rubber
1. Natural Rubber
Natural rubber is often used to manufacture car tires, rubber bands, rubber hoses, gloves, and rubber pads, among other products. Due to its unique properties, natural rubber is also an important raw material for manufacturing consumer goods, industrial products, and building materials.
2. Industrial Rubber
Industrial rubber is widely used in the manufacturing production of automobiles, buildings, power, chemicals, and oil industries, among others. For example, butyl rubber is mainly used in the manufacture of automobile inner tubes and automobile seals, while neoprene rubber is widely used in areas requiring oil resistance, sea water resistance, ozone resistance, and ultraviolet resistance.