The properties of NBR rubber sheet

NBR rubber sheet

NBR rubber sheet has excellent oil resistance,wear resistance,and excellent sealing properties,playing an indispensable role in various industrial applications.In particular in highly demanding industries such as machinery,automobiles,and aviation,the importance of this material is self-evident.
Let’s first understand the basic characteristics of nitrile rubber sheet.
As a synthetic rubber,it is made by copolymerizing acrylonitrile and butadiene,which gives it excellent resistance to oil-based substances.In the automotive industry,engine and transmission parts often come into contact with various lubricating oils and fuels.Using nitrile rubber sheet as a sealing material can effectively prevent oil leakage and ensure the normal operation of machinery.In addition,nitrile rubber sheet has excellent wear resistance,which means that in dynamic parts of mechanical equipment such as bearings and gear systems,it can provide long-term protection and reduce wear and replacement frequency.
The good low-temperature elasticity of nitrile rubber sheet is also one of the reasons for its widespread use.
In the aviation industry,aircraft need to operate in extreme weather conditions,which requires the materials used to be able to maintain their performance in low-temperature environments.NBR rubber sheet can maintain its sealing and elasticity in these conditions,ensuring the reliable operation of aircraft systems.