What type of rubber is anti slip rubber

anti slip rubber sheet

Anti-slip rubber is a type of rubber material with special properties,with a rough surface and friction to increase adhesion between the rubber and the ground,thus serving as an anti-slip agent.

I.Types of rubber for anti slip rubber
Anti-slip rubber is usually made from the following types of rubber:
1.NR rubber:natural rubber,with excellent elasticity and wear resistance,is one of the commonly used raw materials for manufacturing anti-slip rubber.
2.SBR rubber:synthetic rubber,with good elasticity and tensile strength,can also increase the hardness of rubber,making it a good choice for manufacturing anti-slip rubber.
3.NBR rubber:synthetic rubber,with strong oil resistance,is suitable for the material of anti-slip pads for mechanical equipment.
4.EPDM rubber:synthetic rubber,with good sealing performance,can withstand high temperatures and ultraviolet radiation,is a commonly used material for manufacturing anti-slip rubber.

anti slip rubber sheet

II.Application features of various rubbers

1.NR rubber:natural rubber has good wear resistance and tensile strength,and is generally used in anti-slip pads,anti-slip plate,dust cover,etc.
2.SBR rubber:SBR rubber has moderate hardness,good elasticity and tensile strength,and is generally used in floor mats,anti-slip pads,dust covers,etc.
3.NBR rubber:NBR rubber has good oil resistance and resistance,and is generally used as the material for anti-slip pads for mechanical equipment,such as pipe seal rings.
4.EPDM Rubber:EPDM rubber has excellent sealing performance,is resistant to high and low temperatures,oxidation,and electrical performance,and is generally used in the fields of automobiles,planes,and architecture.

In general,the rubber used for anti slip rubber is suitable for different application fields.The specific type of rubber to be used needs to be selected based on the actual application requirements.