How to choose gym rubber mat for floor

The selection and application of gym rubber mat for floor is a complex problem,involving the physical properties,environmental protection,durability and the impact on human movement of the material and many other aspects.We can be analyzed from the following perspectives:
1.Material selection:the research on high elasticity sports rubber flooring shows that the rubber flooring developed by styrene butadiene rubber,natural rubber,EPDM,butadiene rubber and other materials has the characteristics of high wear resistance,surface scratch resistance,high elasticity,slip resistance,environmental protection,antistatic,easy cleaning and so on.These characteristics make this kind of rubber flooring an ideal choice for sports field laying.In addition,the research on polyurethane rubber sports track also shows the advantages of weather resistance and compressive strength.
2.Environmental protection and sustainability:the technology floor made of recycled rubber has excellent performance in shock absorption and noise reduction,and also helps to optimize the utilization of industrial waste and environmental protection.This shows that when choosing gym rubber mat for floor,considering its impact on the environment is an important factor.
3.Impact on human movement:the ground exercise mat with different thicknesses has a significant impact on the transmission of lower limb skin vibration and biomechanical characteristics when the human foot touches the ground.This means that when designing gym rubber mat for floor,the impact on athlete performance and safety needs to be considered.
4.Structural design:The preparation methods of composite rubber flooring for gymnasiums and the structural design of supporting flooring especially suitable for sports facilities provide information on how to construct rubber mat for floor that can meet specific needs.These designs take into account the stability and durability of the floor,ensuring performance under high-intensity use conditions.
5.Comfort and performance:Studies have shown that factors such as surface hardness,friction coefficient and cushioning performance can affect athlete performance and comfort.Therefore,when selecting gym rubber mat for floor,these factors should be considered comprehensively to ensure that both good sports performance and reduced risk of injury are provided.