Introduction and use of industrial rubber sheet

Types of industrial rubber sheet
Natural rubber is suitable for water,seawater,air,emotional gas,alkali,salt water solution and other media,but not resistant to mineral oil and non polar solvents,long-term use temperature of no more than 90 DEG C,excellent low temperature performance,can be used above 60 DEG C.Ding Jing rubber is suitable for petroleum products,such as petroleum,lubricating oil,fuel oil,etc.,long-term use temperature of 120 DEG C,such as in hot oil can withstand 150 DEG C,low temperature of-10~-20 DEG C Chloroprene rubber is suitable for seawater,weak acid,weak alkali,salt solution,oxygen and ozone aging resistance is excellent,oil resistance is second to Ding Jing rubber and better than other general rubber,long-term use temperature of less than 90 DEG C,the highest use temperature of no more than 130 DEG C,low temperature of-30~-50 DEG C Chloroprene rubber has a number of varieties,they have good acid resistance,oxidation resistance and oil resistance,solvent resistance performance.Can be used in a few flat all acid quality and some oil and solvent,long-term use temperature of less than 200 DEG C.Rubber plate as flange gasket,mostly used in pipeline or frequently removed manhole,hand hole,pressure of no more than 1.568MPa.Because in all kinds of gaskets,rubber gasket is the softest,good fitting performance,can play a sealing effect under a smaller preload.Because of this,when under internal pressure,the gasket is easy to be extruded because of the thick or low hardness.Rubber sheets used in organic solvents such as benzene,ketone and ether are prone to swelling,weight gain,softening and stickiness,resulting in seal failure.As the swelling degree exceeds 30%,it can not be used at low pressure(especially below 0.6MPa)and vacuum conditions.Rubber mats are more suitable.Rubber materials have good density and low permeability.For example,fluorine rubber is the most suitable sealing gasket for vacuum containers,and the vacuum degree can reach 1.3×10-7Pa.When the rubber pad is used in the vacuum degree range of 10-1~10-7Pa,it needs to be baked and pumped.