The advantages of using rubber mat

1.The rubber mat is simple to install and easy to use,and saves the cost of traditional grass.
2.The animal husbandry mat itself is made of rubber material,which has the function of cooling and insulation.Laying the animal husbandry mat makes the cow rest better.There will be cold or coughing cattle on the cement or sand land.Laying the animal husbandry mat can well guarantee the normal rest and sleep of cattle.
3.The animal husbandry mat itself is made of rubber,which does not absorb water.When encountering cattle urine,it can quickly and timely discharge the urine,keep the dryness of the cattle shed,play a role in fast drainage and avoid moisture and bacteria breeding,and reduce the elimination rate of cattle.
4.The animal husbandry mat has a pattern on the front,the cow lies on the top,the pattern contacts the cow’s skin,which can have a massage effect on the cow,promote the blood circulation of the cow.And the pattern on the animal husbandry mat can not only play a role in massage.The raised pattern on the surface can play a good role in anti-skid.It can effectively avoid the cow from slipping and falling,and reduce the elimination rate.
5.The animal husbandry mat is designed with grooves on the back,which plays a role in ventilation,can quickly discharge the urine,without affecting the rest of the cow.
6.Prevent all kinds of diseases,such as cattle limb disease,mastitis,etc.