Use and maintenance of anti-static rubber pad

rubber sheets

One, how to clean the surface of the product:

Generally speaking, you can clean the surface of the product with detergent. Pour a small amount of detergent into the basin with clean water, stir the foam, and then immerse the clean towel in the water (pay attention to a little dry), scrub the surface of the rubber pad to achieve the clean effect. Note: After scrubbing clean, if the product has too much water, wipe it with a dry towel.

Two, the laying method of anti-static rubber pad: Lay the anti-static rubber pad on the desktop (you can use conductive glue to paste), and then button one end of the anti-static ground wire on the surface, and the other end is connected to the earth conductor, so that the static electricity collected on the desktop can be discharged through the anti-static ground wire.

The principle is also very simple:

1, the green side is used to store and absorb the static electricity around the desktop, and its resistance is 107 ~ 109Ωcm;

2, the black bottom is a conductor less than or equal to 106Ωcm, because it is a conductor, it can quickly discharge the absorbed static electricity;

3, one end of the ground wire is connected to the anti-static pad, and the other end is connected to the earth, so the static electricity is discharged to the earth smoothly through the ground wire, so that the static electricity around the desktop is discharged out through this principle.

4, the requirements of the foundation ground:

(1) the foundation ground can be terrazzo ground, porcelain ground, wooden ground.

(2) the ground needs to be smooth, without obvious unevenness, and the unevenness is less than two thousandths.

(3) The ground shall have sufficient strength, without sand and shelling phenomenon.

(4) The ground shall be dry.