The advantages of rubber mat for floor

Rubber mat for floor has many advantages,which will be introduced to you one by one.
Strong compressive strength
Rubber mat for floor has strong compressive strength,impact resistance,and the friction coefficient is large,elastic,shock absorption and non-slip,with strong protective performance.
Good weather resistance
Rubber mat for floor has good weather resistance and temperature resistance,and also have good ultraviolet resistance characteristics,which can meet the needs of different places.At present,rubber mat is widely used in kindergartens,schools,nursing homes,gyms,sports venues,ground passages,public walkways and other places.
Environmental safety
Rubber mat for floor is safe and have good environmental protection performance.rubber mat for floor is safe and non-toxic,do not have to worry about negative harm to the human body,and will not breed microorganisms,more healthy.
Diverse specifications ahas diverse specifications,rich colors,non-reflective,beautiful finishes,and can be combined into a variety of patterns at will,which can meet the needs of the vast majority of people.