What is rubber mat for floor

Rubber mat for floor is mat made of natural rubber,synthetic rubber and other components of polymer materials.Styrene,high benzene,butadiene rubber for synthetic rubber,is an accessory product of petroleum.Natural rubber refers to the artificial cultivation of rubber trees picked down rubber.Rubber mat for floor is a kind of environmentally friendly mat,because all the materials are harmless environmental protection materials and polymer environmental protection materials.
Rubber mat for floor surface layer for a variety of color rubber material,high density and durable;the bottom layer for black soft rubber material,so that the mat absorbs all kinds of impact,thus protecting the user.
Rubber mat for floor with the impact efficiency,its surface layer for a variety of colors(red,yellow,blue,green,etc.),high density and durable rubber material,the bottom layer for black soft rubber material combined with imported German BASF environmental protection glue extrusion molding,effectively protect the user from falling down and caused the injury,the product is high physical,environmental protection,easy to clean and good drainage suitable for laying on the ground indoors and outdoors is a good choice to protect children.Can be cast on site construction into seamless elastic mats.Rubber mat for floor provide perfect impact efficiency,reduce the injury caused by falling from a high place,durable,easy to clean,suitable for laying on the ground indoors and outdoors,is a good mat to protect children.
Scope of use:children’s playground,kindergarten,primary and secondary school sports equipment area,park passageway,footbridge,shooting range,gym,nursing home,fitness path area,sports field,etc.
Rubber mat for floor is block products,according to the shape of square and hexagon two,square according to the specifications:rubber mat for floor 50cm square and 100cm square,the thickness is generally between 1.5-2.5cm,using”thermoplastic rubber”,can withstand high temperature 140 degrees,low temperature 70 degrees,not easy to deformation,odorless.Common colors are green and dark red.As with the floor,the user can directly spread on the flat hard ground.The above can put sports equipment.