How to choose high-quality insulating rubber matting

Choosing high-quality insulating rubber matting requires considering several factors.This article will introduce how to choose high-quality insulating rubber matting from elasticity,tensile strength,surface,odor,manufacturer qualifications,etc.
Look at elasticity,tensile strength,and surface
A good insulating rubber mat must be elastic,with strong elasticity.The tensile strength is large,and when you stretch the insulating rubber mat,it feels elastic and will not break.If the insulating rubber mat does not contain secondary rubber,there will be fewer impurities inside,and when you cut the insulating rubber mat with a wallpaper cutter,the cut surface will not have too many impurities.When you touch the cut surface of the insulating rubber mat with your fingers,there will be no powder,and the gloss is high.
Smell the odor
High-quality insulating rubber matting have no pungent odor,using primary rubber and no secondary rubber,waste rubber,recycled rubber,recycled rubber,or any plastic components.The most direct expression of excessive secondary rubber addition in insulating rubber matting is the strong stimulating odor.It is inevitable for rubber products to have an odor,and high-quality insulating rubber matting will not produce a stimulating smell.Under normal ventilation conditions,the rubber smell can be dissipated.
Ask about the manufacturer’s qualifications
Before purchasing,it is necessary to understand the qualifications of the manufacturer,whether there is a third-party inspection report.
Cut and break
It will not break when stretched or folded.The easily-broken insulating rubber matting are often made of recycled rubber,which has poor insulation performance and can endanger people’s safety.