The role of rubber washers

Rubber washers are a common type of rubber product, with a variety of functions including sealing, shock absorption, cushioning, and providing friction damping. Here are the specific functions of rubber washers:
Sealing. They are widely used in various industrial fields, such as automobiles, machinery, construction, medicine, and aerospace, to seal various connection points and prevent leakage or intrusion of liquids, gases, and solid particles.
Shock absorption and cushioning. In the mechanical field, rubber washers are used to reduce impact and vibration and protect equipment from damage.
Anti-slip and electrical insulation. They usually have excellent insulation, waterproof, and anti-slip properties, and therefore have widespread applications in electrical equipment and medical devices.
In addition, rubber washers also have the properties of being oil-resistant, acid- and alkali-resistant, cold-and heat-resistant, and aging-resistant, and can be cut into various shapes to meet different application needs. When choosing rubber washers, consider factors such as elasticity, resilience, flexibility, adaptability, to ensure that they can adapt to changes in pressure and temperature and adhere well to the contact surface.