Floor Mat Rubber Rolls

material:black rubber particle+EPDM color dot

color:orange dot,yellow dot,blue dot ,red dot, green dot, white dot


1.Pressure resistance, impact resistance, large coefficient of friction, elasticity, shock absorption and non-slip, strong protection.

2.Weather resistance, high temperature resistance, UV resistance. Rubber flooring mat tiles can be used normally in the range of -40-100℃.They can meet the needs of different places.

3.Good water resistance, surface easy to clean, easy to maintain.

4.Excellent heat insulation, sound insulation, antistatic, flame retardant (self-extinguishing), high safety factor.

5.No pollution, anti-fouling, no microbes, no stimulation to the human body.

6.Seamless splicing.


gym, fitness room, martial arts hall

Data sheet

Material: black rubber particle+EPDM color dot

Length: Length can be customized according to customers’demand.

Width: 1000mm-1250mm


Connection:splice connection