Sound Damping Mat

material:polyurethane rubber

size: thickness usual 3-20mm,size can be customized according to customers’demand.



1.High resilience,not easy to deform,strong resistance to compression,is the best choice for shock absorbing raw materials;
2.The raw material is a new type of environmentally friendly material;
3.It has excellent thermal insulation properties;
4.Strong dielectric strength,anti-static;
5.Good wear resistance,resistant to solvent corrosion;
6.High load-bearing capacity,can be laid under sound insulation pad with concrete;
7.High temperature and high pressure resistance,can be used normally within the range of-40°C to 100°C,with a long service life;
8.Convenient construction,reducing the difficulty of traditional floor installation,and improving the installation efficiency.

gym,hotel,business building,residential building,recording room.