NBR Rubber Sheet

The NBR rubber sheet is applicable in a wide range of industries. With an average elongation of 300% and an average tensile strength of 1,000PSI (7Mpa), the NBR sheet can accommodate even tough industrial environments and moderate heavy alkaline and chemical resistive situations.
Its resistance to oil and many chemicals makes NBR rubber sheets ideal materials particularly for the floor and table tops of machine and auto repair shops. Our acrylonitrile butadiene rubber sheet is a durable material that can withstand rough usage as in a sand blasting room or shock absorbing pad plant.

Nitrile rubber displays a good resistance to inorganic chemical products. It gives satisfactory resistance to general hydrocarbons. Some of the grades are also recommended for good grade application.
Due to its polar nature, we do not recommend it use with polar liquids like ketones, ethers and amines.